Where has the time gone?

newspaper2It doesn’t seem like it was 30 years ago when I started Mike’s Shoe Repairs.

How the time has flown. I’ve certainly seen some changes in Raymond Terrace over that time and lots of customers children now all grown up with children of there own. The good old days (here we go reminiscing again)! But they were, lots of fun times building a business and learning along the way.

Looking back at some of the old newspaper clippings I kept, kindles fond memories. Steve from the Pet Shop, and myself, would put our heads together and come up with different marketing strategies. One of the more outrageous ones was to employ a local lad to carry around a sandwich board advertising our shops (pictured). Then we phoned up the local newspaper to get them to cover the story – free advertising! Well not quite but good advertising none the less.

I’ve included a few of those clippings here for that nostalgic trip down memory lane. Happy Birthday MSR.