Easy Laces



Easy laces are great for turning any lace up shoes into slip-ons in a matter of minutes. The silicon laces allow for plenty of stretch and are easily cleaned with a damp sponge. They are availableĀ in a variety of different colours and come in packs of 20 laces of various widths to accommodate all sizes of shoes.

Not only are they for children’s shoes easy laces for dress shoesbut adults are finding that they make life a little easier when you can just slip your shoes on and away you go. There is also a round easy lace which is made specifically for men’s dress shoes which not only makes them easy to slip on but also gives them a neat and tidy appearance.

I put some easy laces on my grandson’s school shoes with huge success.My daughter was complaining that he took too long to tie them of a morning making them late. I also put some on his soccer shoes because his laces would come undone during a match and would need to be tied up. Again, they worked well but keep in mind he is only seven and not really that hard is on his shoes. I wouldn’t recommend it on sports shoes for older kids.
easy lace on soccer shoes